Caméras spectrales VIS/NIR


Our spectral cameras in the wavelength ranges 380 nm to 800 nm and 400 nm to 1000 nm offer excellent spectral and optical performance. They consist of an imaging spectrometer type ImSpector V8E or ImSpector V10E and a high-speed CMOS, sCMOS or CCD detector. We offer different camera models which vary in terms of spectral and spatial resolution, spectral response, imaging speed and sensitivity.

Wavelength ranges: 380 - 800 nm, 400 – 1000 nm
High optical throughput, high sensitivity imaging spectrograph
Spatial resolution: up to 2184 pixels
RMS spot size: < 9 µm
Spectral resolution: 2 nm
Spectral sampling: 0.59 - 4.75 nm/pixel

The standard CMOS-based spectral camera is the PFD camera with a full frame rate of 65 Hz and 1312 x 1024 pixels. For applications that require an extra sensitive camera, we offer a spectral camera based on a sCMOS detector. The high spectral resolution of 2 nm is defined by the ImSpector imaging spectrograph. The spectral sampling is as good as 0.59 nm.

New model FX10 is targeting those applications where high speed and easy integration is requested. Despite the low cost and small size it offers high image quality.

Hyperspectral cameras in the Vis/VisNIR range are used for various applications were high resolution spectral data is required. Imaging spectrographs have a high throughput and very low optical distortions because the amount of available light is usually limited. Specim’s hyperspectral cameras are the perfect solution for these requirements. All cameras are independent of light polarization. Our CMOS camera PFD offers a good resolution of 1312 spatial pixels. At full resolution, PFD may run at 65 f/s with binning as fast as 180 f/s. The PFD is advantageous in the red end of the visible and VisNIR spectrum because of its high NIR sensitivity. PFD offers an incredible dynamic range of 16 bit.

For larger objects the PFD4K version is using a spatial axis of 1775 pixels.
In low light level scenarios or where high-intensity objects are close to lower-intensity objects, sCMOS spectral cameras offer further possibilities to capture spectral data. The spatial resolution of the sCMOS camera is as good as 2184 pixels; the signal-to-noise ratio is 170:1.

FX10 is the answer for those applications which demand integration into fast processes. It runs with full frame rate of 330 Hz but may even offer a frame rate of 9900 fps in windowing mode. The fast optics with f/1.7 allow a good sensitivity even with short integration times. The camera is small, light weight and despite of low cost still offers the high data quality you are used when using Specim hyperspectral cameras.

Vegetation analysis
Light analysis
Food inspection
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