Caméra spectrale MWIR


In the medium-wave infrared (MWIR; 3 - 5 µm) band, thermal radiation of objects is used to detect and analyze their composition. Hyperspectral imaging in the MWIR provides highly interesting information, as a lot of widely-used materials have characteristic spectral signatures in this range. Specim’s MWIR spectral camera combines a high-end cooled detector based on InSb with a Specim imaging spectrograph of highest performance. The MWIR spectral camera comes with specially designed front lenses with highest transmission and low optical aberrations to ensure the best possible performance.

Spectral band: 3 - 5 µm
High spectral and spatial resolution
High frame rate
High sensitivity

The MIR wavelength range allows scanning minerals and black polymers that cannot be seen in the SWIR. The system is perfectly suited for high-speed industrial or high-resolution research applications.

The MWIR spectral camera integrates a high-speed, high-resolution cooled InSb sensor with a Specim M-series imaging spectrograph.  The camera is offered in two models, depending on the requirement: high frame rates or high spatial resolution. The M640 model is based on a 640 x 512 pixel InSb detector with a spectral sampling of 8.33 nm/pixel. The 640 pixel-wide axis is used as spatial axis. The camera runs either with 240 fps or 120 fps. The wide range of exposure times from 1 µs to 120 ms allows applications with high or low intensities and long integration times.

Camera model M320 features the advantages of a 320*256 InSb detector. In a windowing mode, it runs with either a rate of 380 full frames per second or 800 frames per second. The spectral sampling is 16.67 nm/pixel. Both camera models boast a high spectral resolution of 35nm.

Black polymer sorting
Environmental research
Chemical imaging
Gas analysis
Cultural heritage


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