Luminescence analyzer

L405 from EnSpectr

The EnSpectr L405 sets new records at blue-violet wavelengths. It is unique luminescent analyzer that unites highest resolution and superior sensitivity in a compact design. EnSpectr L405 is based on a proprietary technology, developed by Enhanced Spectrometry for demanding measurement tasks in both scientific research and industrial applications.

Outstanding performance
Superior sensitivity
Highest resolution

EnSpectr L405 utilizes a 30 μm entrance slit, 1200 g/mm grating and cutting-edge low pass filter. The luminescence is excited by a 100 mW semiconductor laser at 405 nm to provide a single shot luminescence spectrum in the spectral range from 450 nm to 770 nm.

EnSpectr L405 comes with a low-noise 3648-element linear-array CCD detector operating at room temperature and a state of the art system for suppressing the Rayleigh scattering signal and the straight laser light.


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