Cost-effective Raman microscope

RamMics M532

RamMics M532 Raman microscope integrates opportunities of Raman analyzer EnSpectr R532 Scientific Edition and Olympus CX-41 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements.

High-precision measurements of heterogeneous compounds and small objects
Reflection and transmission measurement modes
Sample positioning and focusing with digital camera
2D mapping (optional)

Wide functionality of RamMics M532 allows distinguishing particles of 2-3 µm size and differentiating them from ones with other chemical and physical properties, which opens multiple research opportunities within one Raman system.      

Excellent spatial resolution of 1µm, spectral resolution 4-6 cm-1 and a high efficiency (up to 7000 counts/s/mW from silicon plate) provide precise quality of measurements and repeatability. Due to its compact design and portability, RamMics M532 ensures high quality in-situ results with the minimum expenses, and proves to be a truly indispensable tool for various applications and researches.                                   

Equipped with a motorized sample stage with a step from 0,36 µm (option), RamMics M532 turns into the world’s most cost-effective micro-Raman system for automatic 2D mapping.

Semiconductor & solar industry
Food & agriculture industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Geology and mineralogy
Environmental science
Chemical processes
Medical diagnosis
Forensic analysis


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