Spin coater

Spin coaters are ideal tools for the preparation of thin and ultrathin films for a variety of applications, especially for spectroscopic analysis (optical, IR, X-ray, dielectrical etc.)

Great variety of spin coaters
Idling speed up to 13.500 rpm
Passive or active vacuum hold-down
Built-in speed programs
Wide range of special rotational tables (chucks)

The spin coaters of the SCI series are designed for routine applications and are available in three versions with maximum idling speeds of 4.500, 9.000 and 13.500 rpm. Speed can be adjusted by 10-turn helical pot. The rotational speed is displayed in revs per minute on the built- in digital tachometer. Due to the special design of the rotational tables (radial drilled holes) a passive vacuum hold-down of the substrate is achieved at medium to high rotational speeds.

The spin coater models SCV-10, SCE-150 and SCC-200 provide active vacuum holddown of substrates by using an external vacuum pump. The model SCE-150 offers a programmable ramp function with adjustable speed level; the SCC-200 is capable of storing ten program routines.

Spin Coaters are ideal for depositing thin films of any kind of material (photoresist,and other varnishes, polyimides, sol-gels, etc.) with finely controlled and reproducible thickness on any kind of substrate (copper, silicon, glass, plastic, etc.). During the spin coating process, these liquid or pasty substances are dispensed on rapidly rotating substrates. These substances are radially spun outward due to the occurring centrifugal forces, leaving a thin film (in the nm - µm range) on the substrate.

Spin coaters are therefore ideal tools for the preparation of thin and ultrathin films especially for spectroscopic applications (optical, IR, X-ray, dielectrical etc.).


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