Belt UV radiometers 275 - 485 nm, 315 - 390 nm and 390 - 475 nm

ILT 400 from International Light Technologies

These self-contained, compact radiometers are designed for measuring UV exposure of conveyor belt-fed equipment in the field of UV curing, UV drying, photoresist and printing exposure systems. The exposed side of the rugged and durable housing is polished to prevent temperature rise and UV damage under the extreme environmental conditions found in UV curing equipment.

Visible-blind solid state detector
Ultra-stable amplifier
Integrated exposure
Intensity profiling with auto-scale
Baseline profile memory

There are five models available with different spectral response in the UV. During the process the meter moves along with the exposure probes on the conveyor belt and provides integrated dosage [J/cm²] and peak irradiance [W/cm²]. The meter also provides a visual display of the irradiance profile, which allows to draw conclusions on the status of lamps and reflectors. The meter will store a baseline profile and a current reading profile in memory that can be visually displayed and compared as % max. irradiance.

Dose range1 mJ - 20 J/cm2
Temperature range10 °C - 50 °C (case temperature)
Irradiance range10 mW/cm2 - 20 W/cm2
AccuracyTypically better than 6%
Cosine receptorIntegrating sphere
Display4 significant digits
Display graphicsResolves 5% of full scale (peak irradiance)
Size12.7 x 111 x 161 mm
UV curing
Solvent-based thermal drying processes
UV curing for wood and leather products
Printed circuit industry
UV curing process for fiberglass composities


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