Four-channel quartz crystal microbalance system

Analyzer from QSense

The Analyzer from QSense can measure four samples at the same time: it´s chamber platform holds four flow modules for higher sample throughput. It is temperature controlled and samples are introduced by using a peristaltic pump included in the system. An optional electrochemistry cell is available making it possible to combine QCM-D and electrochemistry measurements. A window module is also available for optical access to the crystal during measurements

Four-channel system
300 µl sample needed per sensor
Flexible choice of surfaces
Measuring molecular interaction

QCM-D can detect and quantify during the binding of small molecules for example the antigene antibody interaction as well as conformational changes in proteins.

Thickness measurements of adhesion layers on surfaces

Molecules such as prolymers bind to surfaces. With QCM-D a quantification of the thickness of such layers can be made.

Desorption measurement

Cleaning properties of detergents can be measured in real time.

Polymer multilayer
Lipid bilayer
Swelling kinetics
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