Multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance (MP-SPR)

SPR Navi instruments have been developed for surface analysis in a number of key application areas, expanding the use of SPR from biomolecular interactions to new applications such as material characterization and sensor development.

MP-SPR for Materials Science

For the past 20 years, SPR has been used for biomolecular interaction analysis. Now, MP-SPR broadens the application range to biophysical studies, and biomaterials studies, such as ceramic and polymer coating characterizations and biocompatibility studies.

Thickness and RI can be determined by fitting of curves using Fresnel formalism. With additional lasers, a singular solution can be found without known RI or thickness.

MP-SPR for Life Sciences

Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) provides label-free measurements of molecular interactions with picomolar sensitivity in gas and in liquid. MP-SPR also allows use of a wide range of surfaces, enabling studies of surface-molecule interactions and additional lasers that are used to determine surface thickness and refractive index.

Unlike traditional SPR, MP-SPR can distinguish true molecular binding from differences in bulk liquid using Total Internal Reflection (TIR).

SPR Navi 200 OTSO is the core measurement unit in the BioNavis product range. Choose SPR Navi 200 OTSO, if you want to connect multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance (MP-SPR) to other measurement instruments or if you want to start with a light version of MP-SPR and upgrade it later on with BioNavis' range of stand-alone accessories.


SPR Navi 210A VASA is based on the MP-SPR (Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance) technology. It offers same unique features as SPR Navi 200 OTSO, but is fully automated. The instrument is equipped with a built-in degasser, automated valves and syringe pumps that automate up to 6 samples. To fully enjoy the MP-SPR the additional set of lasers is recommended.


SPR Navi 220A NAALI is top-of-the-line. Choose SPR Navi 220A NAALI, if you want to perform high-throughput MP-SPR with minimum dead-volumes and increased measurement confidence. As shown in the comparison, it is fully automated. To fully enjoy the MP-SPR the additional set of lasers is recommended.


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