New UV-/IR-fiber for spectral ellipsometer VASE – experience the difference

New UV-/IR-fiber for spectral ellipsometer VASE

Are you tired of switching between DUV and IR fibers to cover the entire spectral region of your VASE ellipsometer? These times are over now!

There is a new optical fiber that covers the spectral range 193 nm - 2500 nm with outstanding UV intensity. As such, it also breaches the previous gap in the range 1340 - 1450 nm. The fiber’s available transmission range reaches far into the NIR, which allows measurements to 2500 nm with an XNIR detector – without needing to change the fiber.

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Technical data

Spectral range: 193 – 2500 nm (depending on system configuration)
Core diameter: 200 µm
Length: 2 m
Compatible with VASE



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