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Top articles from Edition 29 (4/19)

X-ray systems – composition and valence state analysis on trace level

Based on the patented tunable multi-energy and ultra-bright x-ray sources and highly efficient x-ray optics, our partner Sigray has developed several...

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Conductivity measurements with in situ AFM and SEM analysis

Until now, the limiting factor has been the larger radius of the specially coated, conductive cantilever tips (20-30 nm) compared with normal,...

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Themes in this issue

For sale: Nanoindenter demo system

We offer our Nanotest Vantage demo system. The system is equipped with a passive vibration isolation table and nano load head and comes complete with...

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Introduction seminar in Poland: Woollam ellipsometry – 16.05.2019

This seminar offers a short introduction and an overview of the current status of application and research in ellipsometry.

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Searching for hydrogen impurities in liquid helium

Alex Chuquitarqui is looking for cooperation partner who are willing to test the H2-detector. If you are interested, we will send you one of the...

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About us

Introducing: Stephane Struyve – Regional Sales Manager for the Benelux

After having been your LOT-QuantumDesign sales contact in the BeNeLux for over eight years now, it is high time I introduce myself to you.

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Electron microscopy

Self-sensing cantilevers – Seeing and Feeling in the nanoworld

These cantilevers are equipped with a full piezo-resistive bridge that directly measures the cantilever signal electrically.

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Light & lasers

Arc lamps or halogen lamps? Selection of the optimum lamp type

Selection of the optimum lamp type and lamp power for your application depends on a variety of factors like spectral distribution, radiance, total...

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UV process monitoring and controlling, specifications of light measurement systems in UV curing – Part 1

When monitoring a production process with UV curing it is important to validate it to ensure it works with the specified requirements. Too much of a...

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Materials science

2018: ATL helium liquefier workshop in Zaragoza, Spain

With 15 participants from all over Spain, last year’s Advanced Technology Liquefier (ATL) user workshop was a great success! We discussed topics like...

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FORC measurements in just minutes with NanoMOKE3

First-order reversal curve (FORC) measurements are a powerful method

to characterize magnetic samples.

During FORC measurements, all magnetic states...

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International Conference of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry in Barcelona directly at the sea

The next International Conference of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry – ICSE – will take place in Barcelona from 26 - 31 May 2019.

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Measurement of the inverse Spin-Hall-Effect (ISHE) with the PPMS/DynaCool/VersaLab

In the last Spectrum editions, we have described the Inverse-Spin-Hall-Effect (ISHE) in great detail. It is a transversal DC voltage that appears in...

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Quantum Design OptiCool wins prestigious “R&D 100” Award!

We congratulate the OptiCool development team and thank all Quantum Design staff members that have contributed to pushing analytical research forward!

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Radial velocity method in astronomy – Echelle spectroscopy

In the astronomical field, spectroscopy methods play an important role next to imaging methods. In this article, we present a well-established method...

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