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Top articles from Edition 27 (6/2018)

Specim IQ – Hyperspectral camera “To go"

With Specim IQ – the first portable all-in-one hyperspectral imaging camera on the market, hyperspectral imaging can finally be established as...

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I spy with my little eye... – Imaging with entangled photons

Light has long since been part of scientific research. Today, it is used in many ways: for lighting, to observe stars and planets, to generate energy...

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Themes in this issue

About us

LOT-QD Italy expands distribution area for OptoSigma products

LOT-QD Italy has been appointed the OptoSigma distributor for Italy, Iberia, Turkey, Hungary and Romania.

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Atomic force microscopy at low temperatures

A cryogenic environment can dramatically increase the Q factor (quality factor) of an atomic force microscope (AFM). A high Q factor leads to better...

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Optical cavities – How to deal with mechanical noise

Optical cavities (resonators) are a very versatile way to manipulate optical emissions. The cavity’s microstructures supply optical gain, can...

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Our partner for breakthrough X-ray technology – Sigray, Inc.

Our new partner Sigray, Inc. has developed completely new approaches to x-ray technology that up to now have only been possible in synchrotron...

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Light & lasers

Light Sources & Photonic Tools – Get your personal copy now

Find valuable information in our updated English catalog. There will be a lot of detailed information on light sources and accessories ...

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NEW:ILT800 CureRight radiometer

ILT has further advanced its belt radiometer series. In future, the well-established radiometer series ILT400 / ILT490 will be replaced by the brand...

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Materials science

Dielectric measurements in the Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) from Quantum Design

Many Quantum Design users have built their own dielectric measurement option on the basis of the Multi-Function-Probe (MFP). The PPMS is a measurement...

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DynaCool – 12 Tesla magnet and all-new options

DynaCool is a magnetic and low-temperature platform for the measurement of physical properties. We now provide a 12 Tesla version to complement our...

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FORC measurements in PPMS systems

FORC is the abbreviation for First-Order-Reversal-Curve. It describes a measurement routine which enables the determination of both reversible and...

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Fast and compact spectroscopic ellipsometer for in situ measurements at ALD layer growth

With iSE from Woollam Co. we offer a compact and fast spectroscopic in situ ellipsometer that has specially been developed for the real-time...

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Full service between Vladivostok and La Laguna (Tenerife)

The area covered by our service team for Quantum Design systems (QDESC) reaches from Vladivostok on the eastern edge of Russia, only an hour‘s flight...

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Micro Materials Mini Conference 2018 in Germany!

The Micro Materials Mini Conference on Nanoindentation at the University of Warwick (UK) in December of last year attracted more than 54 scientists...

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Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) – Demo system for sale

Do you want to perform magnetic, electric, thermal, mechanical or optical measurements at low temperatures but only have a limited budget?

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Good deals on surplus custom filters from Andover

Andover has a wide range of optical filters with exceptional characteristics in their surplus stock. All of these filters were originally manufactured...

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Application note: Dark-field spectroscopy of single plasmonic nanostructures

Plasmonic nanostructures are widely used in many different research and application areas such as biosensor technology, nano-spectroscopy,...

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