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Top articles from Edition 30 (June/2019)

Laser furnace for growing large single crystals

In cooperation with the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science and Mr. Yoshio Kaneko, Quantum Design Japan have developed two laser furnaces (1 kW...

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TriLambda40™ – 13 nm voxel size in a laboratory CT system

TriLambda40 from our partner Sigray is the computer tomography system with the highest resolution world-­wide. It boasts a spatial resolution of up to...

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About us

Introducing Dr. Agnieszka Kowalczyk - Regional sales manager for Poland

Hello. My name is Agnieszka Kowalczyk and I work as regional sales manager for LOT-QuantumDesign. I obtained my Doctor of Chemical Sciences in 2006...

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Do you already use a gas recovery system? Get you own Helium liquefier without applying for funding!

Have you noticed how the prices for helium have increased again since the beginning of this year? Many working groups feel this in their budgets. Here...

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First beta installation of an OptiCool at the University of California in San Diego

“The OptiCool enables cutting edge experiments in condensed matter physics and materials sciences not previously possible.” (Prof. Averitt)

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New Raman microscope with 4 K – 350 K temperature stage for optical table

Raman microscopy is a well-used method to measure composition, crystallinity, tension and doping.

However, most of these experiments take place at...

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Electron microscopy

In situ MFM analysis of nanostructures with the AFSEM

Nanoscale magnetic materials are highly useful for applications in fields like spintronics, thermoelectrics, nanoelectronics and information...

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Invitation: Correlative In-Situ Analysis by combination of AFM, SEM, and FIB

We cordially invite you to come and discuss with us on 9th July from 12:00 to 14:00

at the Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia at ICN2 in...

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Zaragoza - 37. Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Society of Physics

Quantum Design are pleased to participate in the meeting of the Spanish Society of Physics in this year’s Biennial at Zaragoza.

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Life sciences

New - Biolin scientific support portal

With Support Portal, Biolin Scientific have recently released a new platform to further improve the company’s online support. Whether you have a...

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Materials science

CompleteEASE software training: Analysis of ellipsometric measurement data

From 9 to 11 October 2019 we will hold another CompleteEASE software training. Participants should have experience in spectroscopic ellipsometry and...

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DynaCool user workshop in Darmstadt, Germany

In this two-day workshop, we focus on practical experience and general know-how on the PPMS and DynaCool systems. Apart from the basics, we will...

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Ellipsometry introductory workshop 2019

On 8 October we will hold our yearly ellipsometry workshop.Get an overview of current ellipsometry developments in R&D and the various application...

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MPMS3 now ready for ferromagnetic resonance

NanOsc Instruments have just presented their new inserts and waveguides for the MPMS3. This means there now is a cryostat for broadband FMR analysis...

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Nano-viscosity measured with AC-Susceptometer DynoMag

Magnetic nanoparticles can be used to measure the viscosity of a liquid. This fact has just been established in a publication by Professor Christer...

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New Design for DynoMag

The more compact design will make changing the sample much easier while the well-proven measurement technology will not be altered.

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New educational module around PPMS - Electro-Transport Option (ETO)

Quantum Design present a new educational module around the use of the PPMS ETO written by Prof. Stephen Tsui and his student Bailey Smith of the...

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Quantum spin liquid state found with PPMS AC DR option

An international research team has made a breakthrough in the search for a new material state. A study published in Nature Physics describes a new 3D...

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The MicroWriter – Powerful photolithography

For more than 10 years, Durham Magneto Optics have been developing budget-friendly and powerful direct-write lithography systems. The latest...

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Optical filters UV - FIR

We offer a wide selection of high quality optical filters and state-of-the-art coatings from UV to FIR.

Filters include image quality, narrow and...

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