Workshop QCM-D-Technology

Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Chemie und Biochemie, Takustraße 3, 14195 Berlin


Invitation to free QCM-D workshop

There are many different techniques available for the detection of surface reactions. The QCM-D technology from Q-Sense allows the simultaneous measurement of both thickness and mass of an adherent film and its visco-elastic properties in real time. It is also capable of detecting structural changes in the analyzed layer during the experiment. Additionally, the QCM-D system can be combined with other surface-sensitive devices.

This seminar provides insights into the research in different application fields of practical QCM-D work. It also gives a general overview on the QCM-D technology and applications. It can be interesting for biologists, bio-engineers, biomedical engineers, physicists, chemists and material scientists whowork in surface sciences and would like to see a QCM-D system first hand. Q-Sense, FU Berlin, and LOT-QuantumDesign welcome you to this free workshop.

Further Information:

The workshop is free of charge. To help us plan ahead, please fill in the registration form and return it until April 10, 2019. We look forward to see you in Berlin.

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