Q-Sense users workshop

Chimie ParisTech

LOT-QuantumDesign France, in partnership with Chimie ParisTech, is organizing a Q-Sense users meeting which will take place at Chimie ParisTech on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. This workshop is intended for many users and anyone wishing to learn more about the applications and features of QCM-D technology.


An application engineer from Biolin Scientific will present the new D-Find analysis software and a Q-Sense Pro application workshop.

The participation is free of charge (meal and drinks included) but we need you to register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJEqp-nMeo4E80w8XuCnUtVrw-Jl3lb5zt_EQvEN7Sq_htfA/viewform

The workshop will be the 25 June : 09:00 am to 17:00 pm. A detailed schedule will be available soon.

Place :Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, ENS - 11/13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie - 75005 Paris






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