Introductory Seminar: Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

Quantum Design GmbH, Darmstadt

This seminar offers a short introduction* and an overview of the current status of application and research in ellipsometry. We will demonstrate the power of the Woollam spectroscopic ellipsometers by undertaking various sample measurements.


In the last few years the areas where spectroscopic ellipsometry is used are permanently growing due to the increasing need to characterise multilayer and multicompound systems. This technique allows very sensitive measurement of film thickness, optical constants, composition, surface and interface roughness and many more.

Increasingly applications close to production are developing alongside its traditional use for research.

This requirement has been addressed by the development of several in-situ solutions for process monitoring and control. During the seminar we will present well-established systems like VASE, M-2000, RC2, Alpha-SE and showcase latest developments like our new iSE to address the requirements of in-situ applications.
Systems will be available to demonstrate sample measurements.

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