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SPECIM hyperspectral imaging systems are available with multiple optical fibre inputs. This implementation turns the hyperspectral camera to a multiple-point spectrometer which is capable of measuring the full spectrum from each probe simultaneously, with no moving parts nor multiplexer. Available for UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR. The maximum number of fibres per camera is determined by the spatial dimension of the detector array and diameter of the fibre used. Standard configuration are 4 to 40 fibres with the full spectral resolution and spectral range each. Customized set ups can show up to 100 fibres.


SisuROCK is a scanning system for the automated hyperspectral analysis of drill cores and other geological samples. Hyperspectral analysis is a useful tool to find minerals in rocks and measure the distribution and quantity of the content of a drill core. SisuRock allows a fast and efficient, user-independent automated analysis and spectral imaging of a single drill core in the high resolution mode or a whole core box in the high speed scanning mode. SisuROCK can be modified according to the user’s need and priority.


SisuCHEMA is an automated hyperspectral chemical imaging system. This compact and robust turnkey system analyzes different materials based on spectral reflection and gives both the quantity and distribution of known or unknown materials in the sample. To accommodate different spectral signatures, SisuCHEMA can be equipped with either a VisNIR (400-1000 nm), NIR (900 nm to 1700 nm) or SWIR (1000 nm-2500 nm) camera.

SisuCHEMA is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use tool to understand the composition of samples which are used in forensics, food, pharmaceutics and agricultural applications.

As an easy way to acquire qualitative and quantitative results of imaged samples, SisuCHEMA is also used in other research and industrial applications.


The Single Core Scanner (SCS) setup is based on the Specim Sisu systems. SCS combines the spectral camera setup with an efficient translation stage and illumination that limits the heat load to the sample. Unlike SisuROCK, SCS uses one spectral camera at a time. Nevertheless, it features mounting for different cameras. Over time, this provides high flexibility for the use with different samples of various sizes, weights and wavelength ranges. SCS comes equipped with our acquisition software, but also allows the use of the operator’s own analysis software. SCS is less automated than SisuROCK and is meant for single measurements only.

Thanks to its high flexibility, the Single Core Scanner can be equipped with either a VisNIR (400-1000 nm), NIR (900 nm to 1700 nm) or SWIR (1000 nm-2500 nm) camera. By default, the system is delivered with one camera. Other cameras may be ordered with the system or at a later state. A return of the SCS is not necessary.


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